To those who help open minds, pry open third eyes, inspire hearts, and ignite souls.. Thank you. Your Love is contagious. You strength gives me strength.

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A Carolyn asked me about a reading… But I lost her Tumblr information with which to contact. If you are Carolyn, please send me another message so that I may deliver yours to you. Thank you :)

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Reblog if it’s okay to invade your ask box.


do it plz

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For those wanting a reading from me, I’ve created an FAQ page. Any questions not there will be added, but please check there first before asking any questions at all.

I currently have a list of people waiting for a reading to be done, so please be patient while I go through them as I do have a life outside Tumblr (shocking for anyone on Tumblr, I know).

Thank You. Metta and Namaste, dear Gems.

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My mind feels so clear ~ I think I’m finally learning how to meditate in every day activities. I feel so bliss even in chaos ~ it’s beautiful. :)

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I am thinking I need to add a Tarot FAQ lol

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